The lead-up to a wedding is a very special time. It’s made so much more memorable and enjoyable if you can enlist support in helping make the journey as carefree as possible. This week’s Inspiring Passionista is lending her beautiful hand to creating the ultimate, relaxed, bride-to-be experience, as well as pursuing her own passion in the process.

Angie McCarthy heads up boutique bridal shower business Luna & Lace, specialising in delicately styled, bohemian-inspired bridal showers in the Byron Shire. This week she shares some insights into her business - which we’ve been privileged to experience the hospitality of first hand – as well as life as a busy mum.

What is Luna & Lace and how did it come to be?

Luna and Lace specializes in boutique Bridal Showers and Feminine  celebrations. I have always loved bringing women together for ritual and connection, there is something so nourishing about spending time with your sisters. I started the business with the desire to provide women with a wholesome and fun alternative to traditional Hen's parties. I wished for women to come together to try something out of the ordinary, whether it be a Blessing-way, Bellydancing, pampering or a creative activity. Each package is catered, hosted and styled with an Eco friendly twist. I try not to use any perishables, instead I collect vintage, reusable eclectic glassware and treasures. It's meant to make celebrating easy, leaving more time to simply enjoy. 

What have been the benefits for you in actively pursuing your passion?

Those moments of 'I created this'. There is a nice sense of pride and purpose in that moment, Especially because I get to see people having fun. I love to hear people laughing and enjoying themselves, It's a feel good thing.  I started the business as a bit of a creative outlet while my babies were sleeping. Having a project to work on has helped me to remain connected to myself and my own development. I think in many ways it makes me feel content and that in turn rolls into my family life. 

As someone following their passion, what are some of the biggest challenges you experience?

My challenges would have to be time. It has been such a juggling act! Something that has helped me is never trying to work while my kids are around or awake. If I am with them, I am 100% present. If I am working on the computer or at a job, I am putting 100% focus into that. That way they don't clash and I don't feel overwhelmed. It just means that I spend a lot of time working at night while the little ones are dreaming. There are times I feel incredibly tired. I do take my kids to the odd appointment or two. It's had it's moments that's for sure! sorry to anyone who has been told ' you can't talk to my Mummy' or have let me break mid conversation to chase my kids or change a nappy. In saying that, my children have helped me put things into perspective. If they are happy and healthy, that is the most important thing to me, it helps me to not worry about the small obstacles. I should probably mention that anything electrical or technological brakes if I even look at it, I've gone through a few phones and laptops. 

What has been your biggest “aha” moment that you are doing what you are meant to be doing?

I recently had a lovely experience watching two sisters together celebrating. We were on the beach, they were hugging, laughing, playing with sparklers and wearing the most beautiful handmade Flower-crowns they had created. To top it off the sun was setting in the back ground and I just felt very happy that I had helped create that moment for them. 

What tools or practices do you enlist to refocus and realign when you feel you are imbalanced?

Allowing myself to just stop. If things aren't working that day, I just press pause. I go for a swim in the ocean, I sleep on it, I have a wine and a vent or a big walk. I can pick up where I left off with a fresh perspective and the philosophy ' If it's meant to be, it will be'. 

What is your favourite quote or mantra?

I like to think that every experience is an opportunity for learning. If it triggers you, you have something to learn about yourself. Looking at the purest intention of myself and others also helps me move through challenges. If I were trying my hardest to create something with an intention of kindness or love and it happened to backfire, then going back to that initial intention helps me to not be so critical of my mistakes.

What or who influences you?

I love listening to people talk about their passions, it's entrancing to watch their eyes light up, you can also get a really honest insight into that person. After listening,  I often feel the desire to create that feeling of passion in my own life. 
I learn a little something from everyone I have ever met. I love mixing it all together and pulling out that knowledge when I need it. Whether it be point of view or a creative idea or project.  

What advice could you give to fellow passionistas looking to take the leap to pursue their own personal or creative callings?

Start with a grounded sense of purpose. There are going to be times that you question what you are doing, how you are doing it, even why you are doing it. There will be challenges and you will need to come back to that initial desire and purpose to keep on track. Evolve with your project, let it teach you things about yourself and most of all inject as much joy into it as possible and share that joy. 

What’s next for Luna & Lace?

I'm not sure but I am excited. I have met some beautiful people since starting out, I can't wait to collaborate and grow. I have been trialling a bit of Wedding Coordinaton and other events outside of Bridal Showers and have been enjoying that.... It's a mystery and will evolve in good time.