It had been a week of abundance for me.  Some ways, it is incredible and soul enriching but in others, like the abundance of work and errands to run during this crazily beautiful time of year, I got a little exhausted.  

Being a health coach means that I am beyond aware of the foods that my family eat, that I nourish my body and mind with and that I cook for the people around me.  In saying this, there is a time when you feel that road block.  Everything starts to seem the same.  When having sautéed kale and salmon for the 3rd time in the week just does not excite you.  

So when I received an email saying that Helena and Kristal were hosting an evening with Ronaldo Fulieri, a chance to be in this cute Brazilians' presence and learn from his vast experience in nutrition and health - to say I jumped at the chance to go would be a slight understatement.   

Arriving at Marina Mirage I already felt inspired and relaxed. The venue, Providore, boasts one of the most beautifully displayed array of fresh food and deli goodness. The large glass windows showcasing the long communal tables, and a peek inside the kitchen right behind, just screams excitement. Perfectly ripe pineapples were displayed around the event and you could smell their sweet scent the second you walked through the doors.  

Heading through I looked over the lavish array of fresh seasonal fruits, gourmet goods, sweet jams and more olive oils than even Jamie Oliver could do with. Jars of olives, pasta and the standard bottles of San Pellegrino were the perfect finishing touch. Around me, were women who were here for the same reason I was. To learn. To drink in some extra goodness from the one and only, Ronaldo.

I was then introduced by the girls to our presenter. Ronaldo Fulieri is full of energy, which is a testament to the way he cooks and eats. It literally radiates from his smile that he is fed in the most natural way possible. Despite his qualifications (Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Personal Trainer and now student of Naturopathy) you could learn so much about food just by his passion. This man travels the world to teach people how to use fresh ingredients to make ridiculously delicious food and you can see why he is so in demand in many countries. Which was proved to us in the first few minutes of his demonstration. 

We all were called to take our seats, the room buzzing with women connecting and the excitement of what was to come. If I’ve learnt anything through going to events thrown by The Holistic Project, it’s that these girls know how to bring together people in a way that feels so comfortable that it’s like coming home.  

In front of us were little shot glasses which were filled with a thick purple drink. Ronaldo explained his concoction was a blend of acai, rocket, kale, maca powder and maple syrup. The moment it touched my tongue I was in heaven. Yes, I thought to myself, I will be recreating this at home for sure! I slowly sipped and savoured the taste, wondering to myself why anyone would ever drink a sugar laden thick shake when things like this were available from the most natural of products.  

So while we were lucky enough to watch Ronaldo completely in his element, cooking from his recipe books and describing every single ingredient with passion, the kitchen served us plate after plate of delicious food. Each time a new course came out, there was an audible gasp at how beautifully presented and incredibly tantalising the food looked.  First bites were never a disappointment. Neither were third, or forth.

Once Ronaldo had finished showing us how to entertain in a way that would leave our guests feeling full but well, we started to move around and explore the beautiful venue once more. With full bellies and minds bursting with new recipes to try, we all stood, connected further and had a chance to talk to Ronaldo about his love of food. He gave everyone his full attention, going deep into the superfoods and nutrients we need to help us thrive and live in a way that feels natural to our bodies.

Helena and Kristal took time to give (which sounds ridiculous because I feel the whole night was a gift) goodie bags, raffle prizes and their time to us all. Inside we got our own perfect pineapple thanks to Pinata Farms, a copy of Gold Coast Magazine, some amazing Probiotic Foods pro-biotic powder, as well as treats from Loving Earth, Frank Body, Sol Cleanse and Chobani Yogurt.  

After floating around, meeting like-minded women and soaking up as many new tips for my kitchen as possible, I headed to my car where I sat for a good 10 minutes, writing notes, trying to remember the exact recipe for the amazing chocolate-coated pineapple that we were given to finish out meal and help us digest.

Yet again, The Holistic Project has added to my life. As their events always do.

Ange x

Angela Simson - The Gratitude Project