Hi! Thanks for being with us. We’d love to introduce ourselves… we are Helena and Kristal – two old, big-dreaming friends who are young and wild at heart.

Growing up, we did everything together – volunteered, surfed, fished, camped, studied… we even learnt how to tie knots and read a compass together! It’s quite ironic that these themes are prevalent in our current lives, as we are now teaching our kids to tie shoelaces whilst we orienteer an adult world together!

Between us, we’ve got four incredible girls under four. They are the source which connects us to true purpose. We are constantly balancing, learning, stumbling, getting back up again, being inspired and growing every day as mothers and humans, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

We had a light-bulb moment a year ago, on the back end of one of our regular zany-idea brainstorming sessions (which, even over the phone, almost always includes wineJ). This moment of clarity illuminated a path for us: to use our skills, influences and passions to create a space where we could bring personal development and learning opportunities to people looking to grow and change positively. And so The Holistic Project was born - a collaboration between our two already established businesses. What we weren’t fully prepared for, is how this collaboration would change us, too.

While we’re still on our own journeys – respectively and with THP - this week we’d love to share our stories of how we are pursuing our own passions in life. 


I left my corporate role of 10 years in the travel industry to be a stay-at-home mum. That's always been my wish to be home with my children in their early years. I also wanted to contribute to the family financially even if that mean a small contribution, so, in order to do that, I had to create a business where I could work from home and be available to mind the kids full time whilst my husband was at work Monday to Friday. I just felt if I was going to have my own business then it would have to be something that I loved.

I have always enjoyed creative projects, design and I love entertaining, so a styling business ticked all the boxes for me. In my first year of business I designed and styled over 45 weddings and private parties. While I loved what I was doing, it did take up a lot of family time on the weekend, which is time I really value, so I have pulled back from the weddings, and for me, is why I totally love The Holistic Project. I'll look forward to picking up the weddings again more frequently when my kids get a bit older, however, I do have a special announcement for Helena Event Design & Styling coming in the very near future - watch this space!

Why I love THP? It not only provides me a creative outlet through events, but it also offers so much more. More flexibility with my time which ensures I have a better family and work balance; the opportunity to learn, create positive change in my own life, help others and meet so many amazing people! The extra bonus is that I get to work with one of my best friends! 


A lot of people ask, how do I find my passion? Especially, since we can be so passionate about a lot of things. For me, it’s about looking back through my life at what has “lit” me up and what I’ve been good at, and using this place as a stable platform to guide my way forward. A clear constant has been expressing myself through the written word. I've enjoyed writing since I was a kid. Since having my first poem published in the school newsletter when I was seven, growing up, I was the kid who recited her poems at every family gathering. I always journaled, wrote songs, penned proposals for my latest inventions, and questioned the big stuff. I still do to this day. This passion (and my uncertainty about what the heck I was going to do with my life!) lead me to study media and writing at uni both here and in the UK, then into the world of publishing where I worked for magazines, newspapers, and as a freelance copywriter. I then moved into corporate communications and media liaison, where I worked before taking maternity leave to birth and rear my two angel babies.

Entrepreneurial and charitable in nature, and being a huge fan of Louise Hay’s work, I knew I always wanted to have my own business where writing and helping others was at the centre. I had an idea that I had been itching to birth for years, and so during this time of huge transition from a corporate career to becoming a mum, I decided to jump in and bring it to life (as you do!). It was online store for inspirational books, positive gift packs and blog, Positive Peeps. We’re about to launch a new arm of the business specifically around affirmational products for mums and children – the 2.0 version of the business that was a wonderful platform to, along with Helena’s beautiful business, help manifest The Holistic Project.

THP ideally complements who I am today – a multi-passionate, conscious, entrepreneurial mother. I love creating things and bringing together all the little elements that make up an event – from feeling energetically connected to our speakers, to the roll out of our marketing, to filling our goodness bags with the coolest conscious gifts, to meeting people from all walks of life – all with our amazing audience members in mind; helping to impact their lives as they impact ours. It’s just icing on the cake I get to do it all alongside the most creative, kind and motivated person I know!

We love hearing your stories too! Tell us more about you! Please email us with how you are pursuing your own passion, or have plans to do so, to info@theholisticproject.com.au