We caught up with Shelley Craft, past Pursue Your Passion MC and MC for our upcoming PYP for Mums event, to discuss and get her valuable insight into balancing a busy career and motherhood.

You’ve mentioned that growing up, you were always known as the “happy child”. How important has remaining true to yourself been in your career and personal life?

It’s the only thing that is important. I don’t believe you can live any other way. To be able to commit to an idea for a business or a philosophy for life – you have to be true to yourself and about yourself. Your capabilities etc. 
You attended THP’s ‘Pursue Your Passion’ last year in the capacity of MC. Can you briefly tell us how the event has helped you to pursue your own passion over the last year?

It was a real moment of truth for me. I have been very lucky in my life to have always had wonderful opportunities for work and great projects to work on. But hearing the stories of women who followed their hearts – it gave me a new angle and lead to an opportunity to create something from scratch and PURSUE my PASSION x

What is your top tip for balancing family and workload?

Go easy on yourself. Of course set goals and be ambitious but also cut yourself some slack every now and then. We cant be perfect ALL the time and that’s ok too. x
What is the greatest lesson that being a mum has taught you?

That you have been granted the greatest wish of all and not to take a moment for granted.
What advice could you offer mums or mums-to-be either going back to work, just starting out, or looking to embark on a new career path whilst juggling children? 

You can have it all – just be honest about what that means to you. Your plan is allowed to change and alter, somethings will morph in the most unexpected way, so don’t lock yourself down to a plan, fluidity is the key – in parenting and small business. Don’t be afraid to ASK for help/advice or just a ear to bash xx

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