Can you tell us briefly about how you have pursued the path of your passion? Has it always been health and fitness for you?

I came into the fitness industry when I was 25. Previously I was a traders assistant but knew my passion in life was elsewhere. I had suffered from health problems and been overweight myself so decided to pursue my career in something that would help me along the way. In 2010 my first year in the industry I competed and placed 3rd in the UK for Natural Figure, then carried on to become a sponsored athlete and international fitness model.

2012 I fell pregnant with Nevaeh, this is when I wrote “The Fit Mummy Manual” which is a post natal program & book. This was recognized by Kate the Duchess by letter of thanks from her personally.

Then after having Eden only 20 months later I realized life was just so hectic and this is when designed my No.1 program 8 Week Busy Mum. The tools & systems we use on the program were ones I used after both the kids and most of all sustainable around a busy mum life, I think that’s why we have so much success. In the last year we have had 1000 Mums through our program, we work quite differently from any other program out there, accountability, education and support is so important to us, that’s why we get incredible results.

As a trainer for busy mums, what are some of the biggest barriers to mums living a healthier and happier life?

I think finding a balance between everything. Not every day is the same being a busy mum and I think when a Mum try’s to stick to a program 100%, when they physically just cant, they end up self sabotaging. Stress dictates a lot, therefore if you are not aware of your stresses, emotional eating can take over and the diet goes out the window.

It’s important to learn how to be mindful of our life, rather then stick to any old program 100%. Find one that works for you and your lifestyle. Mums need to be remember that ultimate health is a priority, because this is where energy will come from, better sleep, balanced hormones and happiness.

How important is mindset in creating and maintaining balance on the journey of motherhood?

I think for Mums mindset is number one priority to change, if the mind is not there the body is not going to follow but things that change mindset are stress, life, money and kids. It takes daily practice, affirmations, mindfulness and stress management to change the journey but it can be done.

Also the journey needs to be one of self-fulfillment, happiness and joy. This will make the road so much easier and rewarding.

What has been your biggest career highlight? 

Last year was a big year for me, my passion for speaking was finally fulfilled. I hit the stage at UKs, Scotlands and Brisbane’s largest fitness events talking about Mums Fitness and what I’m passionate about. This year is another big year for me as well, talking at most of these events again.
What advice could you offer mums or mums-to-be either going back to work, just starting out in business, or looking to embark on a new career path whilst juggling or considering having children? 

Don’t aim for perfection, aim for consistency and accept that days may not go to plan. I work backwards, so stress management, hydration, nutrition and then exercise…. If there is a day you can’t exercise, don’t stress, focus on you hydration and food as this still will help with your results.

When you can prirotise HIIT or weight training, so many Mums thing that running or cardio machines are going to get their bodies back when a short 15minute HIIT training session will get you there faster..

And as mentioned above find happiness in your transformation, don’t use the word “diet” those that “diet” fail. Focus on ultimate health and happiness

Why THP loves Kelly

Kelly’s mission is to help women envision the body of their dreams, then encourage them to do what it takes to get it. She believes that with the right support, anybody can take control of their health and fitness, enjoying an energy-filled, disease-free life in the process.

Kelly is a mother of two girls Nevaeh (3) and Eden (2), a gym owner, international fitness trainer, author and creator of the No.1 Busy Women Program.

The Busy Women Program is her passion, empowering women to become the best that they can be.

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