Last Saturday we were extremely proud to bring to life Pursue Your Passion Gold Coast – a stylish afternoon event for creative entrepreneurs at the stunning Justin Lane. It was beautifully set, quintessentially uplifting and sold out to the most divine tribe of women. What we experienced, however, was far more awesome than what we had initially anticipated.

Two-and-a-half hours seemed barely enough time for attendees to genuinely connect; yet, looking around the room, our guests wasted no time in gravitating towards each other in engaged, reciprocal conversation. It seemed every minute was savoured. The collective elements of venue, vibe, embellishments, music, food, goodness bags, prizes and take-home messages were devoured by the enthusiastic 80+ audience.

The sweet, acoustic tunes of Mattie Barker provided the perfect soundtrack to the cosy and chilled second-story function room in a post-rain Burleigh Heads. Photographer Nat McComas echoed Mattie’s flow in capturing the afternoon poetically through her candid and heart-filled photos. 

Stunning flowers by Tesselaars and arranged by Michelle from Missy La Belle adorned the three long bench tables and the timber/lattice arbour, lovingly built and styled by Helena.

 From the kitchen, the attentive staff ensured the constant flow of delicious mezze plates, salads and wood-fired pizzas be shared amongst new friends.

After an hour’s worth of meaningful connection time, the “Hart” continued – Peppahart that is – and we were treated to insights and generous tips by multipassionate entrepreneur Sophie Bell. 

Sophie shared her story in transitioning successfully from a career as a digital strategist within the AFL to blogger and stylist, and to what we now know as the creative mind behind lifestyle print store Peppahart and online fashion house Hartland & Co.

Hugely influential to a wide audience, Sophie attributed her success in following the path of her passion to always staying true to herself, remaining authentic to her community, and nurturing her relationships with family and friends, with whom she is extremely close. 

Her philosophy in always approaching life in a kind, considerate way, and not being afraid to put herself out there has been a key factor in her continual ability to attract wonderful friendships, collaborations and projects with some of Australia’s most recognised brands, including Pacific Fair, Free People and Three Birds Renovations.

As a new mum to baby Hendrix, Sophie touched on the importance of using your time as effectively as possible. She also delivered some beautiful pearls of wisdom around community building, in that how often you “show up” in your business, especially on social media, isn’t as important as the quality of your output - it’s all about engaging your followers with relevant and valuable content.

What you see is what you get with Sophie. She is a kind and big-hearted human blessed with a killer eye for style and getting what works, and what doesn’t. She has courageously followed her creative callings and made a stay-at-home career from them, learning from challenges that arise, tweaking what she needs to, celebrating the wins, and nurturing a beautiful little family in the process.

Strawberries from Pinata Farms, drinks from Cocobella, juices from Impressed Juice, beauty samples by, soaps by Priya Body, prints from Peppahart, chocolates from Made With Raw Love and Frankie magazines were all well received by each attendee.

Goodness bags were further complemented by lucky door prizes and major sponsors, including The Beauty Chef, Goodness Me Box,, Collective One, Hay House, Pinata Farms and Kristen Lovett Accounting Services.

We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful afternoon of collective inspiration and good vibes, helping our attendees step up and on to the path of their passion and purpose. 

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