We were blessed recently to interview one very inspiring woman who we were graced to meet at one of our events back when we first started THP in 2015. Kate Caddle is a love-fueled coach, writer and speaker, who helps women reconnect with themselves and unleash their brilliance. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your coaching practice and the essence of your business? What is your “why”?

In my coaching practice I work with women who have followed the rules all of their life, studied, worked hard, met the man, bought the house and car, and even had the kids, but still feel empty. I hold space, and gently guide them to a place where they feel happy and content within themselves, can show up with love in all situations, and feel solid in their own choices. 

We live in a world that is constantly telling us that we aren't good enough, and that there is always something we need to improve about ourselves. On one hand growth is great, but not when it's about a constant push to 'be better'. We're all enough, right now in this moment. We're not broken, and we definitely don't need fixing. When you're able to tune into that, your life changes in the most beautiful way, on every single level. 

When it comes to the why behind what I do, it's quite simple (but it wasn't simple to get to!), I want to empower women to live their truth through embracing themselves on all levels. Women are incredible, and it's time that we started realising it within ourselves, and observing that with loving eyes in others! 


Has helping others always been your passion? 

I remember back to year 12 when we were doing career profiling, and mine came back saying nursing would be a good career for me. At the time I was so confused, because I knew I would make a terrible nurse! I hate the site of anything gory, and feel really uneasy seeing people when they're not well. However I believe that the essence of that analysis was that I am a nurturer. I did not see this at the time, oh the power of hindsight. 

So naturally I have always enjoyed jobs and careers that allow me to nurture in a way that feels good for me. For the majority of that career, it really served me. Although it seems so different to what I do now, the essence is the same! I wanted to make women feel beautiful, which I did in makeup, and also do now as a coach, just now it's a little bit deeper. 

I believe it's really important to not get caught up on the delivery of your passion. Discover what your why is, what makes youfeel how you want to feel? And use this as a guide. Once you understand your why, the delivery can be wide and varied, and it can change! As long as it fits your why, the options are endless! (And can change) We get really caught up on the job description, but as along as what we're doing serves us deeper to our core, and taps into our greater purpose, we'll always find fulfilment. 


How important is staying true to yourself in following the path of your passion? 

I believe it's important to stay true to yourself in all that you do! I believe it's the only way to be successful, enjoy what you do, and serve your soul all at the same time! 

But that's kind of the easy part. Once you know your truth as such, you have a framework to stick to, and making decisions becomes easier. It's when you're lost as to what your truth actually is, that it can be difficult. 

If this is where you're at follow the breadcrumbs, notice what feels good for you, comes easy to you, or makes you feel like you're operating as your best self. Like me, it might not actually be able the particular task, but rather how it makes you, and others feel. 

These are all signs leading you towards your calling! 



What is your favourite mantra or quote?

I find choosing favourites really difficult, but right now I'm loving these two... 

'The world will be saved by the western woman' - Dalai Lama
'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are' - Theodore Roosevelt 


What advice could you offer others looking to achieve heart-based goals, embark on a passion project, business idea or new career direction?

Be gentle with yourself and the process. Pushing, striving, hustling and structuring are all very masculine traits in business, and for a long time, as women, we've felt that's the only way to succeed. But there is a lot to be said about doing business like a woman, and I mean that in the most empowering way!  

We are intuitive, nurturing, strong in our vulnerability, and greatly heart driven. When we use these super powers in our creative pursuits, we are able to do it in the way that we were designed to to do them. This is somewhat counter intuitive to the way we have been taught to pursue our dreams, but doing the same thing and expecting a different outcomes is the definition of insanity!  

My advice is to soften into your feminine super powers, allow them to be your guide. Because it is absolutely possible to do what you love, serve a bigger picture, and maintain your health and sanity at the same time!