“Choose to believe in your own myth; 
your own glamour; 
your own spell.
A young woman who does this
(even if she is just pretending) 
has everything.” 
- Francesca Lia Block

"I was young, naive, a little bit lost and sitting under a teepee in Bangalow, surrounded by a community of women on the cusp. Everyone was on the verge of doing something. They had ideas, big plans, startups that were already in operation and the energy in that space was electric. 

I sat there eating up every single word and I left feeling completely full. I had recently switched from a degree in psychology to a bachelor of Journalism. I was feeling pretty sure that I wanted to move in the direction of digital marketing, social media and content creation but I didn’t really know how to get there. Michelle Cassidy’s words are the ones that stuck with me most, she mentioned that the key to a fulfilling and wholesome career is to find harmony between your talents and your passions. I thought this sounded amazing but I wasn’t exactly sure what my passions were and I had lost a lot of confidence in what I had once considered my talents. 


The days that followed the event I was on a sisterhood high. I was obsessed by women and the way we came together to create our stories, weaving our way in and out of each others lives in meaningful ways. I feel that’s a really important lesson to learn in your twenties - that women can actually surround and support each other rather than be competitive and nasty. Weeks and months went by and even though I was still holding a very passionate space for that day, I was starting to really question myself and my direction. 

Then, one day, I decided to channel the energy I had felt under that teepee and fan the flames that were burning inside me. I decided to take the risk, to make the leap and to have faith in the power of manifestation. I swam out into the ocean and I screamed out to the Universe all of the things that I needed. Then the following day, as if by magic, one of my university lecturers sent me an email with information regarding a job at a local publication. I applied and was offered the job. 


Since then I have relocated to Melbourne and continuing to thrive in my chosen field (the one my gut was screaming to me about that day!) I have recently joined the team at Flourish PR as Social Media and Content Manager under the guidance of the ever inspiring Angela Ceberano while also establishing my personal brand within an over-saturated online market. Still now, when people ask me about being 22 and having my career so under control I tell them ‘don’t worry, my love life is a mess!’ (Kidding!).

I actually tell them about that day under the teepee, and about how the words shared by Michelle, Lizzy and Lisa rattled me, opened my heart and set my soul on fire. How they inspired me to discover my passions and embrace my talents and how empowering that has been for me every day since."





Event photos by Ivy Roady Phtography