A magical day leaving me bursting with inspiration to once again get stuck into a busy year ahead.


I recently had the absolute pleasure of attending The Holistic Project's Pursue Your Passion event in Byron Bay. For me, I could not be more excited to hear and learn from three inspiring people who are doing what they love everyday and really wholeheartedly believing in what they are doing. They have found their perfect place. This is my third event I have attended and every single time I leave feeling full of energy and motivated more than ever. I think when you work for yourself you need some external drive and push to keep you inspired.

I took a lot from all three speakers - Victoria Aguirre (photographer and co-founder of Pampa), Diana Miller (artist) and Tim Baker (bestselling author and editor). All speakers were from completely different walks of life but all shared their incredible journey to be where they are today. We also got to sit back and enjoy the beautiful sounds of husband-and-wife-duo Two Lions. Ah, their voices were like magic! They shared their story as well. Such a gorgeous couple and little family. And the always beautiful, vibrant and down-to-earth Shelley Craft MC’d the day, making it all flow seamlessly.


First up, we heard from Victoria. For me, personally, I really connected with Victoria’s story. We both started our business at the same time and have always been in touch via social media since launching. One thing that really stood out was how raw and real all three speakers were, they didn’t "sugar coat" it and really talked you through the road to making their dreams become a reality. It’s not all champagne and events, that’s for sure, and I think in the world of finely polished Instagram accounts, it sometimes seems that way. For me, a business owner, I love hearing that everyone has had the ups and the downs along the way. Victoria’s love of horses is also something I connected with as I grew up on a horse farm with my family. You can see the pure love Victoria has for her horses and the reason her work is so beautiful is because it comes so naturally to her. The journey of Pampa, and the lengths they have to go to with sourcing all of their handmade wares from such remote parts of the world, makes me fall in love with the Pampa brand even more. There is so much love and such a great story behind the hands that are weaving these products. I think if you have a Pampa product in your home, you are very lucky. I love the line that Victoria had from finding it from within, find your passion - you have it inside you to find your true and happiest path, but you really need to dig from within and find that perfect place. Sometimes it takes you years to find your perfect passion that you cannot only love doing day to day but also make a living doing it. If you haven’t already you need to visit the Pampa showroom in Byron Bay or visit their online store - I want everything!  



Next up was Diana. Diana had such an interesting story of always loving art but really finding her following after their incredible family home appeared on Grand Designs Australia. I had actually watched the episode so was lovely to hear that the show really catapulted her career. Diana’s stunning art was throughout the home on the episode and the enquiries really took off after that. I loved how real and raw Diana was throughout her talk, overcoming a debilitating fear of speaking in public to now be speaking in front of a massive crowd. There have been many highs and lows throughout the journey to be where Diana is today!

Diana is truly living her passion every single day whilst raising her darling girls in the rolling hills of Northern NSW. For me, I connected most with Diana really pushing the importance of looking after your health. For anyone who has their own business, the work never, ever stops. You don’t leave at 5:30 and switch off or “leave the office” - you are always on, you have to take time to nourish and look after your own mind and body so you can continue being the very best you can be in your career but also in your personal life. If you love yoga and it makes you feel good, you have to prioritise it and make time for it. I know this feeling so well. The past year I had completely let go of all my exercise and I didn’t realise how much I had been missing it. I was so busy with my work and a new baby it had all gone out the window. Thanks to Diana's very timely reminder, I have been training again for the past 3 weeks and making it an absolute priority in my week, and what a difference it’s already making. If you have not checked out the Newrybar Merchants in Bangalow, you must. Diana’s work is available to purchase there and a bunch of other very inspiring creatives and artisans that have their wares available to purchase, and one of my fave restaurants Harvest is just near by, so make a day of it and check out Diana’s work in person and grab a beautiful lunch at Harvest.



Last up was Tim. I loved the masculine energy that Tim brought to the event - this was the first male and female event for Pursue Your Passion. Tim is a well-known journalist and author specialising in Surf culture. So much of what he spoke about resonated with me. My husband has the same deep love for surfing and the ocean, like Tim. Everything Tim spoke about was in his particular world but it can relate to any industry or field you work in. His explanation of finding that sweet spot of doing something you love, whilst making a living from it and making you and others feel good is key. Tim mentioned Chi follows Yi; Energy follows focus and that is 100% my mantra in business. I often get told that you are “lucky” to do what you do. But my response is always it's just hard work, it isn’t so much luck. If you focus your energy wholeheartedly into what you love in any part of your life and really give it a crack, you can achieve anything. Tim talked us through some of his big leaps, like leaving his corporate gig with a stable income to write a book with a small advance as the biggest leap he could have taken. He had a family to support but was miserable in the corporate world. He felt the pull to do something bigger, something that was meaningful and made him feel good. It was the best decision he could have made and hasn’t looked back yet. There are these moments in life where you can feel the pull, and you have to listen to your gut and really take the leap. Or else you will be left always wondering, always second guessing. You are in charge of making your happiness and your life exactly what you want it to be. Tim has so many great books that he has written, like High Surf, Occy, Surf For Your Life and more - get your hands on a copy stat.


All three speakers mentioned if you are struggling to find your true passion that you can make a living from, just like they are doing, go back to your childhood and think of something you loved and really go from there.

Work doesn’t have to feel like heavy lifting - and I couldn’t agree more! You don’t have to despise going to work every single day, you can actually LOVE what you do. PURSUE YOUR PASSION just like Victoria, Diana and Tim!

Thank you once again to Kristal and Helena for putting on another perfect event, everyone left Byron Bay with a fire in their belly to get motivated on following their dreams + making them a reality.


Many thanks to the Pursue Your Passion Sponsors!

We'd love to give a huge thanks to our sponsors, our major sponsor The Event Shed and our goodness bag sponsors White Horses Magazine, The Divine Company, Dr Mahdi Mason, Cocobella, Byron Bay Tea Company and Loving Earth. Through this event we were proud to support Livin a wonderful charitable organisation who are doing brilliant work in bringing awareness to mental health. 


A very special mention and thanks to our amazing performers on the day, husband and wife duet, Two Lions.

Helena & Kristal


Event photos by Bec Zacher Photography.

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