So, you want to pursue your passion project or dream biz and follow the path of the creative entrepreneur? A big congratulations for making this decision! As exciting as the prospect of doing your own thing full time is, you’d be forgiven if you’re feeling a little uncertain about how you’re going to sustain this path financially. After all, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 60 per cent of small businesses fold in their first three years. It’s risky business, even without bringing fear, doubt and self-sabotage into the equation. Well, whether you’re still employed in your day job or have already gone solo, here’s a bit of inspiration to make the journey a little easier, and keep you focused on that goal to fully living your passion. 

Firstly, though, we’d like to let you know something that somewhere in the zone of “get shi* done” you may have forgotten. It is, that you are capable beyond measure. You’ve got this! You wouldn’t be here, reading this right now, if you weren’t meant to be actively following this path. So stay on it - you are most certainly not alone - and you are worthy and deserving of bringing this idea to life. It’s your purpose! 


1. Sell your stuff online

Ok, so it sounds pretty “buy, swap and sell 101” right? However, it’s not as simple as popping your unwanted goods on eBay and selling them within a few days anymore. New online market places are popping up in droves to rival eBay and Gumtree (hello facebook Marketplace), and whilst all are competing for your business, you will find yourself competing against many other vendors selling similar stuff. The question to ask is, which is the best place to list my goods that will give me the best chance of a sale? What can each platform do for you? Identify the unique selling proposition for each of your goods, and market them on different platforms accordingly.

THP hot tip: List quality pre-loved clothing and designer fashion on the Shedd app. Simply snap a pic and post your item in only 30 seconds using a few simple hashtags. 


2. Make and sell

Capitalise on your creative side and make some stuff to sell! What did you love art-and-crafting as a kid? What have you made as gifts that were a real hit with friends and family? If you’re creatively minded or artistic, Etsy is a wonderful place online for you to sell your handicraft. There are more than a million independent sellers currently using this platform to make good money. With categories spanning clothing, jewellery, weddings, home, entertainment, kids, babies and more, you can start selling your stuff with a listing fee of as little as $0.27c and place your unique items in front of the eyes of 29 million buyers around the world that shop in this marketplace.

THP hot tip: Head to Etsy and have a browse at the ‘most popular items’ to see how your DIY idea stacks up. Some of the simplest products, such as a downloadable art print, or tie-dyed harem pants, are taking the most sales


3. Sell your skills

All those jobs, those years of study, those certifications, that training, those experiences… well ALL of those skills you’ve acquired can start making you money today! Freelance service marketplaces place you in front of millions of people and businesses looking for someone to help them do the jobs that they can’t do themselves. Whether you’re a designer, a writer, an illustrator, a musician, a legal consultant or even a fitness fanatic, there is demand for your services and more on sites such as the cost-effective US-based Fiverr, and the small-business-servicing freelance site, Freelancer.

THP hot tip: Don’t be put off from the thought that you’ll only be receiving $5 for every gig you win on Fiverr. For example, with Gig Packages, you set your pricing anywhere from $5-$995 and offer three versions of your service at three different prices.


4. Markets and garage sales

Markets these days come in so many shapes and sizes, featuring vintage oldwares, hardware, fresh fruit and veg, right through to plants, jam and pet accessories. If you’ve got something to sell, a simple Google search in your area will bring up the options of which markets your product will place best at in a physical stall. If you’d prefer not to leave the house, grab your mates and throw a garage sale. Even better, plan ahead and get the whole street involved. You can market your garage sale free on Gumtree, Traderoo and The Trading Post, or for as little as $10 for a garage-sale-specific site like

THP hot tip: Think outside the box and collaborate with some likeminded people selling similar things. Share the cost and try out a stall at a quarterly or annual market, or investigate a stall at a fete or festival. 


5. Get active

Like exercising? Consider a side-job distributing pamphlets to letterboxes, walking dogs, mowing lawns or mystery shopping in your spare time. There is contract, casual and part-time work available for people who are active and willing to get out and pound the pavement or push the lawnmower. You can register your interest through a letterbox distribution company for flexible hours around your commitments (try Be Paid To Walk or Deliver For Dollars). 

THP hot tip: Put together your own flyer advertising your availability to dog walk, babysit or maintain gardens and drop it throughout your neighbourhood and local cafes. You could also send a digital copy via a facebook message or email to select contacts who may be interested in your services. 

Got a money-making idea to add to the above? Or have you got a hot tip on how you personally maintained an income whilst working on your dream biz? We’d absolutely love for you to share it by commenting below. 

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