In this dance of business, where we take those three steps forward and three steps back, we are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people - more - around the world who are moving in similar patterns. People who’ve gained wonderful traction one month, and received not one sale the next. Like waves in the ocean, businesses also have rhythms. So why are we being so hard on ourselves? So much so that some of us decide to throw the towel in on our actual dreams very early on in the piece? Where within our own lives can we start to shift those limiting belief patterns that either stop us in our tracks, or make us run for the hills whenever the scent of failure wafts around us?

Even Richard Branson, who has launched more than 400 companies under the Virgin brand, has had some epic fails. But has it stopped him? Heck no. It’s made him more resilient. It’s made him more eager to keep showing up. He says of his business failures, that recognising mistakes and recovering from them are essential skills for any entrepreneur. 

So apart from building resilience in business, why is it important to keep putting yourself out there? 

  • Because your business matters
  • Because you matter
  • Because people need what you have to offer
  • Because you do “you” best
  • Because it’s imperative you build your “know, like, trust” factor with your audience
  • Because you inspire others to be brave enough to go after what they want in life
  • Because you’ve tried the alternative, and you’d prefer to not go back to your 9-5

Sticking with your passion-based business through the ups and downs requires confidence, self-belief and self-backing. Here are our top five positive affirmations for small business owners, to help you keep putting yourself out there in the face of fear and setbacks:


Our top 5 positive affirmations for small business owners in the start-up phase of business


  1. I am brave enough to follow my dreams

  2. I am confident in my ability to fulfil the needs of my business

  3. Everything I need to succeed, I already have

  4. My business is an extension of me. When I honour myself, I honour my business

  5. I believe in the power and energy of my passion, which lies at the centre of my business


Everything you are doing now – big or small – is having some bearing on the direction of your business. Even the emotional energy you are exerting right now that you don’t even know you are exerting, is contributing. This is why choosing to think and feel positive and loving thoughts and emotions is so vital to us moving towards the vibration that supports abundance flowing into our lives. 

Stay true to the path you are on. Keep showing up in a way that truly honours you. Know that it’s okay to say ‘no’, to put the brakes on, reflect inwards, and take that time you need to recalibrate and recharge on the journey of pursuing your passion. We’re right beside you.