Image by Ivy Road Photography || Pursue Your Passion event 2016

With the Christmas decorations already filling the shelves in Kmart it already feels as though the end of the year is bearing down upon us! Whilst we'd love to put the breaks on and enjoy this beautiful time of year we can't not notice when we look at the calendar that it's only 6 weeks until the end of the year!! (No joke!!)

So as we get on with our day to day routine and start to consider lay-by'ing Chrissie presents, because we aren't ones for big crowds, it's also got us thinking about what our goals are for 2018.

The thing with goal setting, it's one thing to set goals, it's another thing to actually achieve them. Unless you are prepared to take action the chances of you achieving them are very unlikely.


So just how do we build the bridge between goal setting and actually achieving our goals?


That's right, make a plan! Identify if your goal is achievable and realistic to begin with. Then get a pen and paper and map out all the steps you need to take to reach your goal and give each a deadline.


Time to start actioning that plan and getting you one step closer to your goal. Ensuring that you stick to your plan will mean that you will reach your goal within your chosen timeframe.


Another tip that we will leave you with for today. It's important to adopt a growth mindset. What the heck does that mean? you might ask. Well in a practical way, it's telling yourself things like;

  • I can always improve

  • I learn from my mistakes

  • I am inspired by the success of others

  • I have access to the tools I need to help me make a difference


A growth mindset will help you to stay on the path to achieving your goals, because we'll be honest, it's not an easy journey, however the end result is just so damn sweet!


P.S. If your goal for 2018 is to either pursue your passion and launch your dream business or build upon your already established business and take it to the next level, then we'd love for your to check out our online courses, which could be your bridge to achieving your goal. In short, both courses provide the tools and inspiration to help make your journey much easier and much more enjoyable! xx

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