Image by Ivy Road Photography || Pursue Your Passion event 2016

Image by Ivy Road Photography || Pursue Your Passion event 2016

Like us, you may be seeing the terms “passion” and “purpose” popping up a little more frequently around the place, and you may be asking yourself, “why?” As society shifts focus onto more conscious ways of thinking, living and being, people are turning their focus inward to search for the truth of what lights them up, seeking greater connection vs. attachment to “stuff”, as well as identifying how they can serve greater, in a move to create happier, healthier lives for themselves and their families.

Being extremely passionate about helping people pursue their passions, today we consider a few questions surrounding the concept of pursuing your passion.

If you’re a subscriber, you may have taken our “Getting clear on your passion” activity recently sent out in our newsletter (if not you can take it HERE.  You may already be familiar with what your passion is and how you’re welcoming it more into your life. If not, take a moment to consider what could happen if you allowed your passion to lead.


  • What would life look like if there were no barriers to living the life you would love to live?

  • If this life were possible, what would you do, be?

  • Would you change career paths?

  • Study?

  • Invest?

  • Take the risk to start your own business?

  • Say “yes” to more fun, and “no” to the things that you’ve outgrown?

  • Would you travel?

  • Volunteer in another country?

  • Write that bucket list and start ticking it off?

  • Listen to your heart instead of your friends and family?


One thing we can tell you is that you are definitely not alone in your enquiry on this. The truth is, we are all on the search. Kudos to you if you’ve found your something special already.

It takes dedication and time to identify what your passion is, as well as overcoming the fear and risk associated with it, and even then, the potential paths that are illuminated from this discovery are many.


  • Which road to take?

  • How can I turn this into a tangible entity?

  • How can I make this a financially viable option?

  • Should I be doing this for the sheer pleasure, or is it worth creating a business from?


Here are the four top questions we feel it’s important to ask yourself at this point in consideration of which idea or opportunity may be a keeper:

Does it make me happy?

Do I love it enough to do it for a really long time?

Does it contribute on a larger scale?

Isthere a strong need/demand for it?


If you’ve a business idea in mind and you’re nodding your head to all of these, then why not get a little more inquisitive and take the next step to pursue your passion? If you’re unsure of what this next step is (and the step after that etc), then our online business course for women Start, Nourish and Grow could be the perfect avenue for you to gently guide your idea all the way through to launching your product and service into the marketplace, as well as all you need to sustain your success.

If the end goal is happiness (which, let’s face it, isn’t that all of our end goals?), and you’re not finding yourself happy, yet you are feeling called to create, and contribute with a wonderful idea, then why not take a chance on yourself?


As Lewis Carroll said, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.



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