The Holistic Project is an Australian boutique event business specialising in inspirational corporate wellness events since 2014. We work with many of Australia's leading wellbeing brands, speakers and facilitators to bring customised solutions to organisations to affect positive and lasting change.

At the helm are Helena Duncan and Kristal Brown - two old friends that combine 25 years' experience in creative, strategic and leadership roles to facilitate high-impact events catered to your specific requirements.



As our name suggests, we take a holistic approach to providing in-house and on-location events in Australia packed with purpose and high intention. We cater our corporate wellness programs to both small and large-scale organisations across all industries, providing services from as simple as a motivational speaker, right through to full event coordination, catering and programming.



If you'd like to find out about how we can fulfill your organisation's objectives, as well as receive a copy of our THP CORPORATE WELLNESS BROCHURE, we'd love for you to get in touch.



We believe you and your staff are more than just a number. Each individual has a unique way of learning and absorbing. We present content, insights and practical teachings through our corporate wellness events in a way that is readily and easily interpreted to a wide audience.

We believe that improved health and mindset takes more than just a one-day event. Therefore, we are committed to a sustainable approach beyond our event delivery, with a personalised program that meets your organisation's needs. We help to integrate new behaviours and provide ongoing support on the path to the most optimal, healthy and mindful work environment.   


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