Wellness should not just be something we focus on at home and in our personal lives. Considering one third of our life is spent in the workplace, it is important that wellness initiatives are accessible during working hours.

It's one thing to financially invest in the wellness of employees, but how can you tell if your company's wellness program is actually being effective? A well thought out and balanced wellness program will ensure that your team members are more engaged, providing positive results for both your employees and your company.

THP is a boutique wellness business, delivering premier event services to the corporate sector within South East Queensland. We work closely with you to design events that are results' driven and that inspire, motivate, nourish, educate and challenge.

At THP, we mindfully create your wellness events with purpose, specialising in:

                                                - health and wellbeing seminars

                                                -  motivational conferences

                                                - positive lifestyle workshops

                                                - wellness retreats

We believe we have the solution to an effective workplace wellness program, to give your business the leading edge.  

Let's talk. Find out more about THP Wellness Packages. Contact us today to chat about our Corporate Wellness Program, we'd love to connect with you!